Product Details

Name : Oximeter

Product Name : Oximeter

Brand Name : Indrani

Brand : Indrani

Material : Abs Plastic

Display Size : 1.5 Inches

Net Quantity (N) : 1

Country of Origin : India



Manufacturer Information
Aarna Sales Corporation

Importer Information
Aarna Sales Corporation

Packer Information
Aarna Sales Corporation

Net Weight(g)

Supplier Information
Aarnasales c/o Meesho

Contact Information
Contact seller: Subject: Contact Seller – 24978130 c/o Fashnear Technologies Private Limited (Meesho), 06-105-B, 06-102, (138 Wu) Vaishnavi Signature, No. 78/9, Outer Ring Road, Bellandur, Varthur Hobli, Bengaluru-560103, Karnataka, India

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